I started riding motorcycles in 1960 (1953 Panhead) when I lived in Queens, NY and partied with some bikers in the Bronx. Then I came to South Florida in 1973, and met some Outlaws MC  when they was hanging out around 163rd and Collins Ave. I partied with other bikers around Florida for a while, then started partying with Outlaws MC  again in 1975, when they lived in some warehouses in west Ft. Lauderdale. I had a helluva goodtime enjoying their brotherhood and lifestyle, until I went to prison. I met some Outlaws MC   in prison, then got out, got a bike and started Probating in 1979. I got my patch at Funky Tim 1%ers G.B.N.F. Funeral in 1980. I've never regretted a minute belonging to the A.O.A. Outlaws MC  1%er Brotherhood.

"I'll be an Outlaw til I die"

Drop a line if you have time:

Fred Hegney #26267-004
Medical Center for Federal Prisoners
P.P Box 4000
Springfield, Mo 65801-4000