When I came to this club
A brother opened his arms
and showed me the Love and Brotherhood
of the Outlaws 1%er MC
Since I've been a brother
I have tried to show that
same Love and Brotherhood
to those I meet.
                                    Wolf 1%er So. Fla L/L
Live like theres no tomorow.
Dance like no one is watching...
Sing like no one is listening...
Love like you've never been hurt...
Ride each road like you've
never ridden it before...
Fear like the rocks and the stones
Life is short. Enjoy it.
                       Wolf 1%er So. Fla L/L

Guy Smith #067049-1059
FCI Hardee        Cell D-4106-L
6901 St. Rd. 62
Bowling Green, Fl. 33834-8976
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