Outlaws Forever          


 I am an Outlaw to people,
I chose to go no certain way,
I am in control and do my thinking,
As I live my life each day.
I like my life style free and easy,
I like a lot of room to roam,
I dig my putt, pot and pussy,
I like the atmosphere of home.
I like my brothers to come and visit
As the days turn into night
While we ride, drink, laugh, and talk together,
Till the early morning light.
And it ain't so bad to be an Outlaw,
It's the only life for me.
It let's me live and be my true self,
This is all I want to be.

               Stitch 1%er South Florida Charter Member 1967            







"Life in the fast lane, Ft. Lauderdale circa 1982"   

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"Home of the FIRST Cross Piston Saloon"


1975...What a crew

We couldn't put 'Humphrey' on the GBNF page but he will be remembered here..........

"Humphrey 1971-79"
"Humphrey" was his name, but "Hunt-em-up-Humphrey" got his attention more.  He loved to chase lizards.  In 1977 he got on Dota 1%ers bike one night at Nicks Bar, on Griffin Rd., and rode to the C.H. just like he belonged there. You have never met a dog like this one.  One of the stories best told about "Humphrey" is the time he dug a ditch so a Great Dane could get into it, so he could fuck it, and he did.  Or the one about him pissing on a feds leg in our bar, causing him to blow his cover. May you be re-incarnated again soon!



Fuzzy 1%er's first Condo, Griffin Road Winter 1968

Stitch 1%er 1975 - one of his home built Choppers, 1965 Pan w/72 Shovel top end, rear disk brakes, weld on Hard Tail section, molded peanut tank. Harmon Girder Front end, 18" over.

"When the bitch is home watching the house, Big Jim 1%er knows how to watch his bike.



YES!, We are a Party Couple!!!  1972

Stitch 1%er and Douche




   Fun in the Sun, New Years 2002