The Florida Outlaws MC was founded in the summer of 1967 in West Palm Beach, Florida, a place called Kitty’s Saloon, in Juno Beach, Florida, to be exact.  Florida weather being like it is, bikers were in abundance.  Most of the charter members that joined the American Outlaws Association South Florida Chapter, rode with a club called the Iron Cross MC by the media, but the name of the club became Outlaws MC, with the Iron Cross Center Patch and had chapters in South Florida, Orlando, West Palm Beach, and Central Florida. 


 For a number of years at Daytona Bike Week, many of us had partied with the Outlaws from up north and saw a real good brotherhood.  After partying around the country with different brotherhoods, we were really impressed by the Outlaws MC  AOA Nation.  So when a few Outlaws came to South Florida for the winter, we showed great interest in starting our own chapter.

     In July 1967 the Outlaws National President and a few more members came down from Chicago, and we were the first chapter sanctioned in Florida.  On August 12, 1967 the first meeting of the Florida Outlaws MC, was held in West Palm Beach. Some of the brothers names that were around in the beginning, and soon after were Big Jim 1%er, Stitch 1%er, Dirty Dick 1%er, Fuzzy 1%er, Geno 1%er, Scotty 1%er and Fat Frank 1%er.


Big Jim 1%er

Fuzzy 1%er

Wild Larry 1%er Stitch 1%er

Fat Frank 1%er  Big Jim 1%er
Geno 1%er Scotty 1%er


In 1969 the chapter was moved to Broward County around the Ft. Lauderdale and surrounding area with some old and new brothers...........

Big Jim 1%er

Roger 1%er Gangreen 1%er

Wolf 1%er Bam Bam 1%er

Dirty Dick 1%er

  Bertha 1%er Dota 1%er

                   Crazy Al 1%er

 Dynamite 1%er Moldy 1%er

                                       Funky Tim 1%er


Through good times and bad times.......................

We are still here and strong as ever!....................

"To give without a thought of reward, is Brotherhood."