I got my first bike in 1956 (1951 FL Hydra Glide), started riding around South Florida. Then not long after I enjoyed partying with various other clubs and bikers. I am proud to say that I have made some life long friendships with members from other clubs. I was one of the founding members to start the club called Iron Cross MC, then it went to red and white Outlaws MC for a while until after partying with Outlaws MC from up north, some of us decided that we wanted to be part of a bigger brotherhood. We let the A.O.A. Outlaws MC, (Black and White is Right) know that we would like to become a chapter in South Florida. When the National President and a few other Officer members came down to South Florida to sanction the chapter, they were impressed by our brotherhood. I have the honor of the National President, Fat Cowboy 1%er, and Big Red 1%er G.B.N.F. to give me my Outlaws MC, A.O.A., and 1%er patches to start with in 1967. I am proud to have enjoyed the years out there that I did with the Outlaws MC brotherhood and Nation until they started locking me up in 1978. I sure hope like hell that I get to do it again. "I live as an Outlaw, I'll die as an Outlaw". O.F.F.O.

(Big Jim 1%er has always shown a brotherhood and leadership that has been a driving force for bringing in new members and chapters throughout the state of Florida and other states).

(Big Jim 1%er served part of a six year sentence for allegedly verbally threatening a public officer in 1978. He was supposed to have told a Hollywood city cop that he was going to let his Great Dane "Bitch" out to attack him. He paroled to Tucson Arizona for a short while in 1980. Then he was eventually convicted (6 counts) of possession of a fire arm by a convicted felon in 1981. They came to his house on some bullshit, then arrested him for any gun that was not in somebody's possession, just when some people was visiting him.
[Don't leave guns laying around when a felon is present, even if it is right next to you!]
Then after a few years in 1987 they brought him back from Terre Haute FCI to a South Florida court to face RICO charges along with other Outlaws. His charges where for crimes that he already did time for or found not guilty, and a few more were added. They gave him two 20's, then said he was a career criminal, so they added another five onto each 20. The only thing that he has made a career out of is being locked down, and that is a fucked up career!).

If you want to write him a letter of support, (He will appreciate it). - or drop him a line on his E-mail address that his wife Helen forwards to him.

James T. Nolan #03798-008
FCI Coleman (Medium)
P.O. Box 1032
Coleman, Fl. 33521