South Florida Outlaws MC

Gone but not Forgotten Memorial Run

May 2003


Everybody gathered with the South Florida Outlaws MC and rode to the cemetery for the Memorial:

Eddy 1%er spoke of Fender 1%er GBNF then read a poem about the Outlaws Gone but Not Forgotten. Then he "turned it over" to Stitch 1%er who had something to say about the older Brothers that are also at this cemetery. 


  Stitch 1%er, being one of the South Florida 36 year Charter Members, spoke about each of the older GBNF Brothers, making a statement regarding each Brothers passing to the Forever Chapter........... 


Lee 1%er GBNF--

Got shot in a bar trying to protect a Brother over a difference of opinion with another bike club.     (You wonder why we try not to let our guard down around others.) 


Muff 1%er GBNF--

Died in a bike accident on  I-95 heading south to visit his family. 
"Lived as an Outlaw, Died as an Outlaw"
"Red eyed and Rolling"


Moonshine 1%er GBNF

Died in a Bike accident near his home town of Hazard, Kentucky

"Lived as an Outlaw, Died as an Outlaw"

Lil Roger 1%er GBNF
Got too high because of some mind games and was playing with his gun and accidentally shot himself.
(You wonder why Outlaws care how high they get and how they handle their guns)
Bam Bam 1%er GBNF
Got stabbed in a bar fight, because of an Outlaws cunt running her mouth, causing the fight to start.
(You wonder why Outlaws don't like cunts running their mouth)

Funky Tim 1%er GBNF
Got into a problem with some niggers while in prison and they snuck into his cell and killed him.
(You wonder why we stick together and watch each others backs)
Dynamite 1%er GBNF
He was shot in our Club House by a cousin of one of our Brothers who was temporarily staying there. The guy got high on something he had and freaked out and started shooting people.
(You wonder why we are so particular about who stays around our house)

Big Red 1%er GBNF
Went to help a Brother with a broke down motorcycle at a restaurant where some Brother had a problem with some citizens. The guy came out of the back door shooting and he got shot while loading the bike.
(You wonder why we don't like citizens)


Ed 1%er GBNF

Gangster Bob 1%er GBNF

Billy Da Kid 1%er GBNF

All three of these Brothers died in the
same bike accident on I-95 heading for
South Beach late at night.
"They all lived as an Outlaw, and Died as an Outlaw"
"Red eyed and Rolling"


Gangreen 1%er GBNF--



Died in Prison of kidney failure. They would not let him out to
get a transplant even though he had everything lined up.
(You wonder why we have nothing good to say about the prison system)



Dirt 1%er GBNF--
Died in an Auto accident on I-95 in the middle of the night trying to get back to the Club House, because he loved his Brothers and Lifestyle and couldn't wait to get home.
(Sometimes it's better late than never)


Cage 1%er GBNF-- This Brother was from the West Palm Beach Chapter. He got shot outside a bar by some lowlife that snuck around a corner and started shooting.
(You wonder why an outlaw is always looking around)


Fender 1%er GBNF

Died in a bike accident up on North Andrews one night doing what he liked to do best, twisting the throttle wide open and bar hopping.

"Red eyed and Rolling"



This is a plaque with the names of Brothers Gone But Not Forgotten who were buried elsewhere by blood relatives. 

Then Stitch 1%er read this acronym he wrote:

He then ended by saying; "We communicate with these Brothers in a special way but all of you can look up our Florida Outlaws MC web site for the Brothers in Prison addresses, and you can communicate with them. They always appreciate a letter of support".